John Q. Rodgers, Esq.
Tax Attorney / Certified Public Accountant

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Suite 201
Hermosa Beach  CA 90254

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Company Overview

John Q. Rodgers, Esq., known simply as "JR" is a tax attorney and Certified Public Accountant with more than 23 years of experience in tax law and accounting. JRs firm is known and respected for providing middle class tax payers access to the expert legal advice in tax litigation and accounting matters that wealthy people have taken advantage of for years.

As an attorney as well as a CPA, JR brings a sophisticated expertise to tax preparation virtually unknown to clients accustomed to using just mere CPAs or tax preparation firms. J.R. and the professionals who work with him are noted for bringing brilliant analytical legal expertise and deadly precision to tax advocacy. His true expertise is in defending tax conflict matters, where even the IRS has complimented his advocacy skills.

John Q. Rodgers, Esq. consults and advises clients on matters ranging from preparing a tax return, developing a business, when to incorporate, defending audits, retirement plan structures, complex real estate investments to defending collection efforts for any tax issue. In all matters, J.R. and his team seek to maximize financial benefits as supported by the law for all their clients.

Since opening his firm in 1987, JR has counseled dozens of Fortune 500 companies, local businesses and thousands of individual clients. Today, J.R. represents clients in all 50 states as well as more than 20 countries worldwide.

John Q. Rodgers, Esq., Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant
2601 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 201
Hermosa Beach, CA